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  1. Hooyaah 40wk 3d ago

    M. I. A. Paper Planes

  2. Pinkya 45wk 1d ago

    Yeaaah you won music-man :(
    Sorry for the late reply .. How are you doing ? I missed you ;(

  3. Blue-Crescent 48wk 1d ago

    Brother Makeshift-san, have a wonderful 2016 ahead of you! ^^


  4. superkabog 48wk 3d ago

    Quote by Makeshift Hey flirty Cid! how are you?

    what an interesting choice of word...flirty.

    happy new year Rene boy!

  5. myri-chan 48wk 3d ago

    Te deseo un maravilloso año 2016 lleno de alegría y felicidad y que lo disfrutes con las personas a las que quieres. ¡Feliz Año Nuevo! Makeshift :3


  6. xangel0 Moderator 48wk 5d ago

    Quote by Makeshift Desde que ya no tengo whatapp ya no me hablas ponny =(

    no inventes, yo no ando "wasap" ahorita Dx mi cel se apendejó y no agarra el wifi de la casa :/

  7. Blue-Crescent 49wk 1d ago

    Merry, merry Christmas to an awesome brother! May it be very magical for you! *hugs*


  8. Blue-Crescent 49wk 1d ago

    Quote by Makeshift are you still alive Blue-C?

    Yes, Makeshift-san! I am alive. Gosh! I missed you, good brother. I haven't chatted with Frogdiver-san lately as well as Pinkya. :(
    How are you doing all this time, brother. I do hope everything is great for you. ^^

  9. Monu-chan Elite Member 49wk 2d ago

    Merry Christmas bro! :D

  10. Hooyaah 49wk 3d ago

    Quote by Makeshift Thanks for that Korn tune bro!, I'm glad to see you active again I heard about your previous hassle, I guess everything is cool now ha?
    see you around my friend

    Yes, all is cool bro; unfortunately, I cannot say the same about some people who shall likely never be. Life is best when one learns where to place ones priorities and apparently you are investing yours in academic pursuits. A wise man you are, indeed, as such a thing is most important and I commend you, therefore. I wish you the best in the New Year and an especially joyous Christmas. Oh, by the way, Uberdog and Angelxxuan have been keeping Dark Leaf alive; we hope to see you around once in a while.

  11. myri-chan 49wk 3d ago

    Feliz Navidad, Makeshift :)


  12. MisaSasekage Elite Member 49wk 4d ago

    Quote by Makeshift

    Quote by MisaSasekage

    Haha, thx :3

    I like that confidence, you don't even asked why xD and you are welcome

    You are the legend cuz everytime I return for a long inactive period you are the one that is always here :P

    You gotta have a little bit of confidence ;)

    Ah, I see. I'm always in the background, in case I find anything nice to post or if any of my friends wanna talk. ^^

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